Fun, Stylish and Relaxed Wedding Photography

Formerly Known as Julie Wilson Photography

OK, so this is where I'm supposed to tell you why you should hire me...... But really, I want you to make that decision for yourselves without a whole bunch of sales pitches...I'm a photographer, not a car salesperson.
Let's face it, you'll contact me because you like my work. You'll hire me because you like me. The combination of the 2 is what makes the deal.
So, I'll tell you a little bit about me and what I do. You can judge for yourselves from there :)

IMPORTANT: I am just as much a professional photo editor as I am a photographer, so not only do your photos get the quick exposure adjustments they would get anyways, they also get the royal treatment from me personally. I edit everything from your skin, hair and special requests....... to even manipulating the background of your photo just in case someone wandered behind you and ruined the shot. I'm a total perfectionist with my work. I'm not here to turn out as many weddings as I can (I only shoot a limited number per year). These are your memories to have forever.....I want the photos that I took all to look the best that they possibly can. Every. Single. One. :)
If you think I'm a good match for you, then drop me a line, anytime. I would love to meet you and hear more about your big day!

The GIRL: I'm Julie, and I love photography and people.... so weddings are a perfect fit. But I don't just live and breathe photos. There are many other things that make me, well "me": First off, I'm kind of a nerd. Love video games, sci-fi, and comic books. I'm a HUGE movie buff. Mornings and I have a very strained relationship... it's a constant battle. I sing along to every song that I know... and I have a horrible voice. I have a weird obsession with cars and great love for animals. I'm freakishly good at crosswords and word searches. I'm sarcastic, and a day without laughing is a total tragedy to me. I'm a people-pleaser, and sometimes this controls my life. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, but love the excuse to doll up any day! I'm professional when I need to be, but I also believe life's too short to be stuffy all of the time. I HATE drama and will avoid it at all costs. Where I lack in my cooking and cleaning skills, I make up for with my sparkling personality and video gaming skills (insert sarcasm here)

The WORK: I am an award winning and published photographer who's very casual and laid back, but always gets the job done in a professional manner. I try to think outside of the box, so I'm definitely not your grandma's photographer. I bring traditional photography into the 21st century, and then try to kick it up a notch. Julie Lynn Photography may not be a match for every bride and groom out there, so I won't pretend to be something that I'm not.... that's a waste of both of our times. I keep things real... nothing phony with me.

I do all kinds of photography as well:
Family Photos
Senior Portraits
Real Estate
Or any other kind of event!
Be sure to ask about my pricing for these services!